The 12th new jersey Volunteer Infantry
Company “K”

Buck and Ball



  As one of the founding members of the Mifflin Guard, the 12th New Jersey has a long and interesting history. We have over 60 members on our rolls in the infantry and a number of wives and children in our civilian contingency.

    We participate in several battle re-enactments annually around the eastern US and also living histories throughout our home area which is New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    The 12th has also had a grand re-enacting history since it’s beginning in 1970. We have been involved in many major motion pictures in our past such as; Glory, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, The Day Lincoln Was Shot, Ironclads and more. The regiment has also been involved with television as well. We have been seen on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and even the SyFy Channel in an episode of Destination Truth about the infamous Jersey Devil.  (See our video page for that short excerpt.) On Wednesday June 4, 2011, we were also seen on a special episode of American Pickers on the History Channel.

    Our hobby is fun, educational and I will guarantee that once you have “seen the elephant” you will be hooked on this as much as those of us are who are already members.